Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins it’s a great project to Mike LePond,amazing bassist of Symphony X.We have the opportunity to speak with him across the web for know more about his present and the future of his band,and the life,and we are very congrats for this.

Ladies and Gentleman,this is Mike LePond’s words,enjoy it!


Susana-Mike tell me about your present and what it means for you to have a “Royalty Team” as they call your band.

ML – I am very blessed to know that I have friends who are amazing musicians and who support me. I truly believe that this “Royalty team” I assembled were perfect for the project.

Susana-When you feel the need to go another way with the music beyond Symphony X, and have such an important project like your band?

ML – My first love has always been traditional heavy metal and it has always been my dream to release an album in this genre. I wrote all the songs when I was on tour with Symphony X during 2011 and 2012.

Susana-Let’s talk about the album, I could hear the Silent Assassins material,is really powerful and devastating. What have been the biggest musical and compositional  influences when looking for a sound?

ML – My influences for this project span over 40 years. My main inspiration comes from the classic heavy metal bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. I also learned a lot from bands like Blind Guardian and Iced Earth. And finally, the music of Blackmore’s Night is a major influence.

Susana-From what speak Silent Assassins when we sing? Stories that account?

ML – Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins lyrics deal with history, mythology and literature. I think these epic stories make great lyrics and go perfectly with heavy metal music.

Susana-It cost you gather your musicians or was something that naturally gave? You had no idea of who or who would take this out?

ML-All the musicians who played on the album are close friends of mine and they were happy to help me. I will bring some of them back for the second Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins CD.

Susana-You could check at this time the acceptance of your material by the public? As you see and as you live?

ML-I am happy to say that the album was well received by the metal world. The album got great reviews in the press and the Symphony X fans enjoyed it as well. This news made me very happy after all that hard work.

Susana-Let’s talk about tours and concerts. How is the outlook for this year for you?

ML-This year will be very busy for me. Symphony X will tour Europe in February and March. In May we go to South America. We will also play Japan in October. I am also working on a new Silent Assassins album this year.

Susana-South America is your goal. You want to come with your band?

ML -South America is my favorite place to play. My dream is to bring the Silent Assassins there. Hopefully I can make that happen this year.


Susana-You have traveled to different parts of the world and you’ve even been to Buenos Aires. Could you tell us the best personal and musical experience you have had to live on these trips?

ML-I can’t think of one specific experience but in general heavy metal fans in every country are the best. They all show us their best hospitality and culture.

Susana-Which character of the music do you feel identified? And why

ML-I identify with all characters of music.

Susana-You’ve had opportunity to meet something about our music? Argentine Rock?

ML-I have listened to rock, metal and folk bands from Argentina. They are very talented and I wish I could learn some more Spanish so I could understand the lyrics.

Susana-Being an experienced person within the environment of Metal. How do you see the present of rock and metal?

ML-Heavy metal is not doing well in the USA, but in the rest of the world it is still very popular. In South America, there is tremendous passion and love for metal, rock and other types of music.

Susana-Lemmy  recently died, considered one of the icons of the metal world. You feel that there musicians who can to take the post of those who stop a profound legacy in public?

ML-Lemmy was an amazing talent and he influenced my music in so many ways. In the present day there are many great singers, songwriters and bands that can carry on his legacy.

Susana-You went or you’re a fan of some band?

ML-I still consider my self a fan rather than a rock star. I still go to see all my favorite bands and that will never change.

Susana-Before closing I would like to know what you dream today, and also know if you could fulfill the dreams of when you were a child for example

ML-When I was a kid, I always dreamed about becoming a famous rocker. I achieved that but I still set goals and dream of bigger things.

Susana-Finally, always provided a space to leave a message to the public that knows you are and the another that discovering your music through this note. What would be yours

ML-I would like to thank all my fans from Argentina and around the world for all your loyalty and support. I love you all and I will see you on tour!


Silent Assassins are:

Mike Lepond (Symphony X / Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins)
Micheal Romeo (Symphony X)
Alan Tecchio (Hades / Watchtower / Seven Witches),
“Metal” Mike Chlasciak (Haford / Testament / Sebastian Bach).

Mike LePond is endorsed by Caparison, Tech 21, D’addario, Planet Waves, and Peavey.


Mike LePond EPK Silent Assassins:

By: Susana Isabel
(help in english version: Daniela Minoldo-Ivan Chvusciel)

Pics: From Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins Fan Page (credits to the owners)

Thanks: to Donna Labate and Mike LePond for the interview and the contact with us.

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