The night of May the 12th was one of the nights most expected by the fans of  Symphony X since the announcement of their visit to our country was made. It was no wonder, since they would come to present their latest album, Underworld, their most powerful record un sound and proposal, and there was a lot of enthusiasm to hear that stuff live.

That day to me began with a personal encounter with one of the band members, Mr. Mike LePond, bass owner and a friend. Meeting that also gave the opportunity to shake hands with the rest of the band before leaving for the soundcheck. During the meeting Mike advanced me that we would have to prepare for a powerful show, with a renewed sound and the whole band was happy with that accomplishment. He also told me about the visit of the band in October to Australia, which means the first time of the band in those lands, and clearly his desire of visiting us again very soon with his own band, Silent Assassins.


When the time came to go to Groove with Rosana Carballo, we dispose to travel and, once there, we found many people at the door waiting for the income and with people already in. A first positive issue for us to realize that the night would be perfect for everyone.
The evening was programed to fulfill different times and that was the way it was done, second positive issue.
19:30 Isidris makes his entrance, Argentinian Power Metal band that performs to a Groove with many people in, no minor detail for a support band.
Isidris was a great discovery for me alive, although I had already listen their material I hadn’t seen them on stage. And they weren’t out of tine, it’s one of those bands that, at first chords you say “woooow, what a sound!!!” and that was what I heard from many people that were on the show (yes, by the way we chat with the owners of the fence ha ha!). Daniel Garcia, the owner of the voice, surprised me with its quality and voiceprint; Luis Cardozo on bass, Juan Pablo Kilberg on guitar and Rey Fernandez on drums completed the picture of the band that sounded audacious, well planted, on time and without missteps, respecting the structure and style knock accurately, at a steady rhythm to shake heads.
The proposal and the set (in English) liked me from start to finish, it was a puff of melodies to get us in tune and warm up (despite the polar air from the fans, was it necesary?). If I have to put a score to Isidris’ show is a 10, deserved for giving us a start to rise to the occasion.


After this presentation and in the face of a very cautious wait, Presto Vivace shows up before a Groove already filled in their facilities. Presto is an exquisite band, the best of national Progressive, and is always a delight to listen to them. Why? Because it is a band that fits perfectly into space form different shows sharing the stage with various bands and neither is out of tune, bragging experience and talent. Marcelo Perez Schneider on bass, Agustin Pinto on guitar, the great Martin de Pas on drums and the sublime voice of Gustavo Despalenque let loose a short but rich set in terms of sound and melodious. Despa’s voice fills Groove of gestures of approval, fists up and many people singing the songs, a nice au vivo from the presents and a performance for applause. It is not kindness, it is one hundred percent true what I felt at seeing these two national bands, I felt I had the privilege of being in front of two exponents who deserved that place and they did not disappoint. And I felt pride for them.
Another advantage: people who respected them, supported from the beginning and went early, that doesn’t always happens!


Well, the scheduled time came, and as announced and himself Mike said, 21:15 Symphony X entered the scene with its whole arsenal.
Mike LePond on bass, impeccable; the eminent and one of the best guitarists in the world Michael Romeo, the great Jason Rullo on drums, powerful patches puncher, the way that drums sound !!! and the excellent Michael Pinnella on keyboards kicked off with the first chords of Nevermore and there Groove with one voice and explodes and HE appears on the scene, the showman, Russell Allen, a triumphal entry. I can only get rid in compliments, because Symphony X is not only a full band but also is one of those bands that, in the constant search for growth, has managed to improve its sound and mutate to the latter much stronger. And they have with what, because every musician on his instrument stands, there are no differences, they all achieve a particular atmosphere and sustained harmony in which the voice of Allen, tremendous, bestial, gets to accommodate to the maximum point in every song, either for the shake or the ballad. Some are born to paint, others to build, Allen definitely is born to sing. It was the character of the show, a guy in constant interaction with the public, a singer who understood very well that not only sings with the voice but also the face, hands, whole body. At all times he toured the scene, spoke with the public expressing their happiness for being in our country, used Venetian masks to play Hell & Back and invited the enthusiasm of those present to their peers (he even had a particular way of presenting each of them after the first goodbye, with positive adjectives and compliments for each one of them) and even with himself, all within a framework of real enjoyment by the whole band.

While there were some details regarding the sound fails at some point, this did not detract from the performance of the band. Each of the songs had their moment to shine and the night was set high for those who attended the event. It was listening and saying «f…, how this guy sings!!!» ha ha and so with each of them.
Deepen into details is to be repetitious, and I want to summarize the whole concert in one word: SUBLIME. From start to finish, as I always say “without repeating and without blowing”, it was one of the best nights I lived with music. Symphony X showed once again why we love them so much, and why is one of the best bands on the planet.



Why-One in a Million-We Rule-My Own Life-Higher-Fire,Stone and Blood.

Wall Street-La dictadura de las máquinas-Sólo por hoy.

Nevermore-Underworld-Kiss of Fire-Without you-Charon-Hell and Back-Darkest Hour-Run with The Devil-Swang Song-Death of Balance-Out of Ashes-Sea of Lies-Set the World on Fire-Legend.


Symphony X, Isidris y Presto Vivace en Fotos por Rosana Carballo


By: Susana Isabel
Translator: Analia Battistini

Thanks: production, Gaby Sisti and Matias Petrucelli for the opportunity to cover the show and Mike and Donna LePond Labate for their friendship.


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