The appointment was fixed. Luca Turilli will call me on Wednesday 09hs( Argentina time ) to talk a little about his next coming to the country on a tour together with Primal Fear . A cool guy, which does not score any limit during the call. And that reading the note, they will realize that it neither imposes to himself, always looking for an evolution in their proposals. So I did not ask about their previous bands and we focus only on today. And finally I could not miss the greeting to the local audience.


Coco Cabrera: Hello, Luca. Do you think we start? Let’s talk about your date tour in Argentina.

Luca Turilli: «Many years that I will not play in your wonderful country ago. And it’s a huge pleasure to go with my good friends Primal Fear, it will be fantastic. It will be something special. We will play new and old songs for Argentine fans. 

Coco Cabrera: New and old material…

Luca Turilli: Totally. We will play songs from the discography of Luca Turilli and many new things. 

Coco Cabrera: How is working the latest album Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus? That is, reactions from fans and the press.

Luca Turilli: The reviews have been fantastic. And that’s good because I come taking different types of albums from the beginning. I’m enjoying making new discs more symphonic than previous ones. This «Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus» which means «Promoteo, Symphony of Divine Fire» was a production that took a long time, because it was much more complex than a traditional Metal album. There was a lot of work in the studio, many special guests, 10 months of production and an even more mixing. But the result is really fantastic. 


Coco Cabrera: Where did you get the inspiration for the orchestral parts and choruses? Because there is much sound «alla Hollywood» on the disc.

Luca Turilli: Yes, of course. I love soundtracks and my music has always been connected with film soundtracks. But my main inspiration comes from people like John Willimans, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer. 

Coco Cabrera: I understand that you play the piano too, it can be?

Luca Turilli: Yes, because I believe it to be a composer, a great composer, you have to play other instruments, in my case, for example, the guitar and the piano, because it gives you the ability to compose in a better way. The songs of my records begin writing both the guitar and the piano, because that gives you a greater variety to your sound. I do not want to compose only one type of music, I compose for different instruments, from a large study like the one I have at home, because it is very important that each instrument will add a new color to your music. 

Coco Cabrera: Do you consider yourself more of a composer than a musician?

Luca Turilli: Yes, absolutely. I would say «my place» is in the studio making music. But on the other hand I like to bring all that energy that is created in the studio to the stage. Because there is nothing better for a composer who share their music with people and that it means something to people. It’s great for me to play in your country, hug with fans and feel the positive energy. As I look for something to close the circle of what it created in the studio. 


Coco Cabrera: Let’s talk some of the lyrics of on last album. Why did you stop writing only about epics? For new issues like mental evolution, esoteric subjects, religious «they appear …

Luca Turilli: There are a couple of songs with a different theme, but there are others with the theme that I always use. Now are all issues that always wanted to touch, topics such as metaphysics, spiritual evolution, the mysteries of the planet or the cosmos, mysterious things for us still like where we come from and where we go. I think every composer seeks to answer within this type of questions. In my music I open my soul and my heart to connect with those mysteries. And always looking for something more … 

Coco Cabrera: Have you managed the perfect sound for your personal idea of ​​Heavy Metal?

Luca Turilli: Look … If you look at the discography of Luca Turilli note that the records are different and convey different things. Transmit a victory, others are more epic / symphonic. I always try to sound and impact are different on each records. Each new album offers something different from before, that evolution is noticed, for whatever sense. And that is a surprise for the fans. First of each new album satisfies my heart and soul. And they like people, obviously. 

Coco Cabrera: The last one, Luca. What memories do you have of the Argentine public? Do you like to play here?

Luca Turilli: Of course! I’ve waited long to play there. Argentina is one of the best countries for this kind of music, all the times I’ve gone I’ve been fantastic. That is, there are many people playing the violin outside my hotel before or after playing, that’s something absolutely amazing (laughs). I can not stand the desire to be there with the fans. Greetings to all of them and to you Nestor, thanks for your time, my friend. »



Versión en español

By: Coco Cabrera.
Pics: Credits to the owners
Edition: Susana Isabel
Thanks: to Luca Turilli and Gaby Sisti-GS Press-for the opportunitty of the interview.


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