No other artist has influenced, or rather created, the concept of symphonic metal led by a woman as it has done Tarja. Undoubtedly, a pioneer in gothic and symphonic metal; this Finnish trained in classical music gained fame by leading Nightwish for 9 years. With a lyric soprano vocal range, Tarja began his solo career in 2004, now waiting for the release of their fourth album rock, she seeks to achieve a new success multiplatinum and gold as they were «My Winter Storm» (2007), «What Lies Beneath» (2010) and «Colours In The Dark «(2013), his latest work of rock, acclaimed worldwide earning him 4 inputs in the Top10.

In 2016, Tarja surprised us all and announced not one but two (!) rock albums. «The Brightest Void» is a prequel and an album in itself that has guided and sweetened waiting for the new studio album, «The Shadow Self», which born in August.The incredible creative impulse of Tarja and his amazing musical production are recorded in these two new releases – even if these are intertwined and inspired each other – can be seen as two separate discs each other. For talk about this material and know the latest news of Tarja, we had access to a virtual interview with her, and talked this is what she told us, enjoy It!


-After having had great success with your latest álbum of Rock, It was difficult for you to find the way for the successor or flowed naturally? 

Not at all difficult, even though after finishing my last album I felt that I can never write a single song again. I was very wrong, because I ended up writing too many songs for one album only this time!

-Why two albums? You’ve planes It or just came that way? 

I was writing for one album, but at the end of the day I had too many songs in my hand. I didn’t want to give these songs away as bonuses for different territories as usually, so I talked with my label in Germany and we decided to work on two separate albums. Neither I wanted to release a double album because my style is so versatile it would have been too much to bear for my listeners. Too many songs to listen at once. With the help of two album releases, I got to include some fun songs that have been playing a big role in my life in the last couple of years for the album The Brightest Void. I think it was a nice “gift” to my listeners to give them two complete albums, connected with each other.

-This new material is defined as the heaviest of your creations in the genre, why? It is a way to show a tougher side of Tarja? 

I wanted to make the band sound as heavy as possible on this album. I have tried it before and only now I was convinced how to work on it. I worked hard with mixing engineer Tim Palmer to get this sound clear. I have worked in heavy metal for 20 years, so I think it is pretty clear to my listeners that there is a darker side of me. This darker side doesn’t mean something negative, but actually just the opposite. I have embraced my darkness because I have understood that this melancholia is my creative force and with the help of it, I write songs.  

-You had very importants contributions  in this new album, how were these experiences, for example, with Alissa? 

It was very nice to collaborate with her. She is talented singer and very nice person too. I needed her way of singing in my song “Demons in you”, so I am glad she accepted to take part in it. She recorded her vocals in Canada while I was in Europe. The distance was not a problem at all because with the technology we have in hand today, many times the work is done this way.  

-Finally Tarja, I want that you tell us wich are the next steps with «The Shadow Self» and please, a message for all your fans. 

I will start touring with The Shadow Self in October in Europe. European tours will take me until next year and only afterwards we start to tour other continents and countries. We are currently working on the dates for Argentina, so I am really looking forward to meet my fans over there next year! I miss you all extremely lot. Thank you for the support and love you have been giving me throughout many years already.

Thanks a lot for your time! 

A Pleasure!  

By: Susana Isabel

Ph: Press

Thanks a lot to Tarja and Gaby Sisti for the opportunity of the interview.

©All Rights Reserved.

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