Sault is the new project of Sean C. Tibbetts, recognized bass player of Kamelot. Together with musicians with a long history, they gave life to this new musical proposal with which they plan to reach the whole world.

We talked to Sean, via web, and he told us details and sensations of this new stage that begins.

First time, I want to know how and when is Sault born?

Salt was originally created by myself and was going to be my solo project. I had planned on playing all the instruments but later after I started writing I thought it would just be much more fun to turn it into a band and have input from other musicians. It was pretty cool because every song started taking on a different feel and personality as each member was added and their style was applied. 

-You are musicians with trajectory and have been able to know different stages, does that experience strengthen has a group when its comes to pushing the project?

We are all very well round musicians and studio artist. Because we are all pretty equal in our studio knowledge it made recording much easier. We all have studios of our own and just sent music back-and-forth until we completed each song because we live in different states.

Then we sent all the tracks to the producer Oliver Palotai. Casey and I have to played together for 10 years now so we are really dialed in to each other’s playing style. 

-The album is ithe process of mixing and mastering, what are your expectations and how are you prepared for the arrived of the material?

The guys and I have a good portion of the songs set in the direction of our vision when we hand it over to the producer. It’s his job to take our vision and expand on it. Take it to the next level. It’s always exciting when a track comes back. It’s like Christmas for us. Like the song says waiting is the hardest part. We may ask for a tweak here or there but once we have a template establish they all move pretty fast. 

Can you bring us something from the album? 

I have done a few radio interviews and some tracks were played. Check our facebook and YouTube to hear them. Adonai ,Guilt and Peaceful Moment are posted. The website will be finished soon. So you will be able to hear them there as well.

-When is the launch planned? Do you have planned where you will officially present it?

We are talking with labels now so we will have more to tell you about that soon. We would like to see it out ASAP. We are planning on a Euro tour in the fall. 


What do you think can contribute as a new band to the world of music and metal?

Honestly the feed back has been great and I was happy that people besides just the four of us liked the music HaHa. Every song we have written has not been your typical song, meaning» opening ,verse, bridge chorus, repeat » lead somewhere…. blah blah blah. Man we just wrote what was feeling good at that moment and went with it. You can hear a little of what I mean in the song Peaceful Moment or Fragile. So I would say we are contributing to being free and unbridled in our art. 

-How do you see the music industry today?

I don’t know that it’s ever been easy and I’ve been doing it professionally for many years now but I don’t think that it’s ever been this hard to make a buck either. 

People think you are supposed to do it for the love of music. Well we all love it that’s why we are here. But all your favorite bands have to pay for that bus , lights, crew, food, on and on. Please support your favorite bands by buying their merchandise and attending their shows. That is what makes it possible for them to come to your town. 

 -Who are participated in the making of the album?

Besides the band so far is 

Oliver Palotai- Head producer 

Jason Sewell- Vocal editing and production 

Adam Stewart- Studio engineer  

Jeffry Garner – Lyric writer 

Kole Kruger- Lyric writer 


-Besides the album, will there be video premiere?

We will be shooting videos but that is a ways out so there is not much to say other than yes .  

-How do you see the argentine fan? Do you think the album will be well received here?

I have enjoyed playing there with Kamelot in the past and the insane fan were simply amazing. I look forward to touring down there. I have spoken with a few tour managers about it and we will be setting up a tour at our first opportunity.

-Finally, I leave you a space to give us a message, greetings and wishes about this new project called Sault.

Check out our music and request it at your favorite stations. This will help to insure we come to your town. 

Keep rocking 

Thank you 

Sean Tibbetts 

Sault is made up of members of Kamelot and Arcanium.  

Riggs  Vocals (Arcanium), Curtis Jay Guitars, Sean Tibbetts Bass (Kamelot), Casey Grillo Drums (Kamelot)



Twitter:     @Saultband

Very Soon the debut album:  Seeds of Power 

By: Susana Isabel

Pics: Press-Credits to the owner.

©All Rights Reserved.


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