To carry the title of being one of the bands with more fans in the world of the Rock is not little thing, since around the globe there are several groups or solo artists that carry that badge.The particular case of Böhse Onkelz is different. They undoubtedly can be in that select group, not only because of the attendance of hundreds of thousands of people to their festivals / recitals, but because they are one of the few bands that continue to sell CDs as in the golden ages of this audio format . His last plate “Memento” already has more than 10 million copies sold … We talked with Gonzo And Stephan, two referents of Loz Tioz, as they call the band, to tell us a bit more about the history and future of Böhse Onkelz , Before appearing for the first time in Argentina.

Coco Cabrera: Hi, guys. To put our viewrs in perspective, tell us a little about the history of the band.

Gonzo: Our history is very long, we have been together for more than 35 years. It is very difficult to think of certain moments of such a long time. We started as a Punk band, we became a Skinhead and then we came to Metal / Rock. You can find all the information on our page.
Stephan: The band was born in 1980 in a small town near Frankfurt in Germany. The Punk that overturned England for Germany lit the wick at first. We hooked up with each of the sentences of our beloved Sex Pistols. In 1984 our first album came out. There we were no longer punks, our style was closer to Oi !. When this subculture also became too narrow for us, since 1986 we defined our own genre. Something between Punk Rock and heavy German Rock with Metal influences that asked us a lot for that time. From that time, year after year we grew a lot until 1992 when our album “Heilige Lieder” first came to the rankings and climbed straight up to fifth place. From that moment, nothing stood in our way (laughs).

Coco Cabrera: Böhse Onkelz is a band that will undoubtedly play Punk Rock, but you have a lot of hard rock in your proposal. Did you always make that mix of sounds or did it go naturally?

Stephan: This mixture of genres is due in the first place to Gonzo and I have a completely different musical background and that is why the composition of our songs also ends up being very diverse. That’s what makes it interesting. We have no limits within our music.Whenever we play together, there’s going to be a song that can have things of everything that mobilizes us at that moment. Gonzo: Yes, it’s the sound we grew up with. As I said before, we started as Punk band, we became the genre Oi! And from there we passed quite fast to Rock and Heavy Rock. In the ’90s we made songs that could be pigeonholed mainly in Rock and Heavy Rock but the intensity of our live shows is very similar to the intensity of a punk band. We mix the best of both worlds.

Coco Cabrera: In Germany you are a huge band, you fill football stadiums. How are you going to plan this visit to Argentina where you will have to play the music of your for people who do not know you well?

Gonzo: It’s our first visit to the country and we can not do a full show. We only have 45 minutes to convince the fans of Argentina that we are what they are looking for. And I can assure you that we will seize the opportunity! We are going to give a show authentically Onkelz. With all the power of raw rock. Stephan: You’re right. People will not know our music or understand our lyrics. So let the music speak. Let’s choose a list of heavy songs that will take your breath away.

Coco Cabrera: Do you have any references of the Maximus Festival and the bands that will play in that event?

Stephan: If we talk about the bands of the Maximus Festival, logically first is SLAYER.They were a huge inspiration to us when they were at the top, when the Thrash was at its zenith. The live sound of Red Fang, Rob Zombie and Ghost is incredible. I also look forward to the Prophets of Rage recital. Gonzo: Many of the bands we are going to play at the Maximus Festival, then they will play at our own festival “Matapaloz” in Germany in June and many of them are from our favorite bands. It’s going to be a lot of fun to get together, play in South America and then meet again a few weeks later in Europe.

Coco Cabrera: You are going to headline Matapalos Fest, where many of the bands that will share stage with you at the Maximus Festival will play as Matapaloz opening acts. Can you tell me a bit more about that festival? Is it a festival organized by you?

Gonzo: Yes. The Matapaloz festival is organized by Wizard, an agency that organizes recitals and our partner in Germany several years ago. Our intention is to establish a festival of excellence as the “Hellfest”, so we put a lot of effort and money to make this two-day festival on the Hockenheim Formula 1 circuit in southern Germany. It is too much information to tell you about here, but come to our page and there they will find out everything. Stephan: The Matapaloz festival is going to be the evidence of how we believe it should be a festival or event. How we imagine it on a green grass. It will depart quite a bit from the festivals to which you can go in Germany. It will have a completely different aesthetic and we will share stage with great bands that were a great influence for us like Slayer, Cockney Rejects and Anthrax. Also come bands with an incredible attitude like Five Finger Death Punch, Hatebreed, Toxpack and more.

Coco Cabrera: Please leave a message for the Argentinian audience.

Stephan: I do not exaggerate to say that we look like two-year-olds when we think we’re going to cross this big pond. We can not wait to feel the atmosphere that is going to be in those days and we will give everything of us. Health! Gonzo: I know you guys go crazy for good rock and roll recitals. I hope we can enjoy the shows together. We hope to have a lot of fun at Maximus!

Alle, die sich im Vorfeld des Maximus ein Bild davon machen wollen, wie sich die Musik der Böhsen Onkelz anhört, können das gerne auf dem kurzen Weg via Spotify machen. Wir haben eigens dafür eine kleine Playlist erstellt.
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