The «Dream Team», The Dead Daisies, will visit Argentina this week, with the new World Tour «Live & Louder». We talk with John Corabi before they come to Buenos Aires, about his present and the present of the band. Good point, he likes our name 😋.

Susana: First time, thank you so much for the interview.

What is the feeling that mobilizes you as to be part of this dream team?


John: Hi, Susana. Thank you very much for this interview. Thanks to you for thinking that we are a Dream Team, but I prefer to think that we are a Rock and Roll band. We are serious about what we do, we have plans for the future. All of us have played in famous bands, but TDD is our present and we are very happy with that.


Susana: What was it like to put together all the personal experiences and the potential of each of you in this project?


John: When we decided to found TDD, we set out to start almost from 0. That all our past experiences served us as good memories, but that our present and future is the one that groups us from that moment until today. We are very strict with ourselves and very self-critical, if something does not like the rest of the members, it is not part of TDD.


Susana: Let’s talk about Live & Louder, an explosive album, tell me, how was the recording process? What musical journey do your songs represent?


John: The Live and Louder recording process was made to reflect what a our live band concert is like, as we and our audience enjoy it. I like to believe that this record is a true reflection of those who are up on stage. It is a fundamental step in my career. Playing live is an essential part of my life as a musician.


Susana:  The tour took you to various parts of the world, and finally brings you to Argentina, what expectations do you have about it?


John: Argentina is my favorite audience, I always say. The people there are very crazy and enjoy the recitals. I’ve played many times in your country, you know? And I always carry the best memories.


Susana: The Dead Daisies claims the best of Rock and Roll, what does it mean for you, personally and in the musical, to be part of this group?


John: It is very important at this point in my career to be part of a stable band, to have new friends with whom to share experiences. I can say that I am fortunate to be part of TDD.


Susana:  To finish, I ask a message for all your followers and for the readers of Make Noise, We Rock.


John: Hey !! Your press media has a name similar to our record! I like that.
Friends of Argentina, I send you a huge greeting through Hagamos Noise, Somos Rock. It’s getting shorter and shorter for us to live two nights at pure Rock and Roll, old shool. See you soon guys!

“LIVE & LOUDER” New Record Available here ⬇  

By: Susana Isabel

Pics: Press ( by Gaby Sisti Press)

©All Rights Reserved.

Thanks a lot to Gaby Sisti Press and team for the negotiation of the interview.

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